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Handcrafting Audio-Visual Experiences


Andante Studios believes in the power of exceptional productions – layered with breathtaking sights and sounds and stories – to profoundly affect the outlook of everyone who experiences them. Our passion is to handcraft such experiences using all means necessary to bring vision full force into life.

Originally founded in 2009 by Sami Yusuf to release his content independently of traditional labels, Andante Studios is today an elite production house that gives visionaries, brands, corporations and industry leaders the means to transcend the ordinary.

Each project we undertake is skillfully designed for maximum impact. To tell the best story, to make the deepest connection, we may merge the archetypal with the modern, or we may bring in elements both unexpected and familiar. But we always follow the creative impulse to its most powerful expression - an expression that fully embodies the client’s unique vision.

Our craftspeople offer boutique pre-production, production and post-production services. For those who wish, we can act as your distribution partner to promote completed work and help maximize the value of your current assets.





Animation & CGI
Visual Effects
Concept Development
Content Creation
Video Production
Aerial Filming Services
Finishing / Post-production


Bespoke Label Services
Music Licensing
Music Publishing
Music Production
Consultancy Services
Distribution Services
Post-production Services


Please ask how we may assist - we’d be delighted to hear from you.